I strive to dive into the details while keeping a wholistic point of view. I believe in asking a lot of questions, digging into the data, and getting first hand experience of the product or service i’m designing for. Understanding the user is paramount in order to craft a delightful experience.


Good design is practical, beautiful, and when done right, it’s out of the way. Focusing on content is key to my process. It’s very easy to make something complex, but difficult to make something simple, clear, and effective.That’s my goal.


This is where the pencil hits the code. I aim to create a seamless multi-platform experience between devices; whether they be desktop, tablet, smartphone or otherwise. Providing a back-end content management system is crucial to keep your content fresh.


I draw on my years of experience working with different teams of engineers, developers, designers, business groups, executives, and more to make it happen. The end-product must function and behave exactly as intended, it must be drop-dead gorgeous, and most importantly, the people using it should smile.

"Jaron is one of my favorite people to work with at Apple. He is easy going, friendly, very intelligent, and cares very much about the quality of his work. Jaron is also multi-talented. He has extensive Photoshop knowledge and skills, a good eye for visual and informational design, and capabilities at front-end coding. It's been a real pleasure working with Jaron."

− Alex Logan - Transactions Design Manager at Apple Inc.

"Jaron is a top notch visual designer. His design skills are solid and his attention to detail is impeccable. He always delivers high quality work and is truly a joy to work with. He is a great team player and I am lucky that I had the opportunity of working with him at Apple. I would work with him again any time."

− Kenneth Chang - Lead User Experience Designer at Tesla Motors

"Jaron is a creative and efficient designer. He ran his own business, went to school and served on committees during my correspondence with him. I had the pleasure of volunteering with him and because of him our event was great. Jaron is a valuable member of any team."

− Virginia Baxter - Lead Designer at Red Lion Hotels

"Keep an eye on Jaron. I've worked with many designers in my career, few have shown the great organizational skills and have the propensity to be self motivated that Jaron possesses. And to top it off, he's a great visual designer and collaborator to boot! He's a welcome addition to any team, and I'd be happy to work with him again."

− Moxie Wanderlust - Human Interaction Designer, Apple, inc.

"Jaron was the design lead on our global marketing programs. He fully understood the urgency of the project and took complete ownership. Jaron demonstrated tremendous agility in adapting the design to continuous feedback and delivered it very fast which enabled us to get to market quickly. In addition to being extremely responsive, Jaron is very detail oriented and works calmly under pressure - great attributes in a design partner. I value Jaron's partnership and look forward to working with him on other projects."

− Manan Biyani - Business Leader: Apple Product Management, E-Commerce, SMB Marketing

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